Meet the Beens!


Beau and Beth Been have been adventuring together since 1997. Over these many years we have traveled, tasted and drank up such places as Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico and 32 of our United States. We’ve had a blast and learned a few things along the way too. As we move forward into the future we would like to share some of our passions with you!


noun ad·ven·ture \əd-ˈven-chər\


Definition of adventure

  • an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks
  • an exciting or remarkable experience
  • an enterprise involving financial risk

A message from Beau ~

Hello friends! Beth and I are setting out on an all new adventure and era in our lives. I hope you will join us and enjoy a view inside this life changing time. We’re selling most of the things that have accumulated around us while making Austin, TX our home and hitting the road. We’re going to begin this adventure in Colorado and see where it all goes. We’ll keep you posted and hope you’ll follow along.

A message from Beth ~


“Life was meant for good friends, cold beer and great adventures”