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House of Been - The Adventures of Beau & Beth Been

Hope you'll join Beau and Beth Been on their many adventures here at the House of Been. Sometimes even the most mundane experiences can be turned into a fun adventure. Then there are times when you get to take a real break from life and travel to dream destinations.

Scarlot Harlot...In Search of a Giant Hot Dog
by Beth Been

Beau and Beth Been at Palo Dura CanyonStretching for hours, eating nothing but hamburgers and powerbars, drinking every drop of water in site, listening to the Foo Fighters in order to pump up for the chance to play some real derby. Time to put on fishnets, pour on the war paint, put red bows in the braids and work out some of those personal issues that arise in running the business of roll derby. LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE, FOXY BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read more...

Beau and Beth Been at Palo Dura Canyon
Amarillo by Midnight

by Beth Been

Boondocks for a delicious burger and then on to the musical "Texas" in Palo Duro Canyon. Read more...


Adventure Photos

Wurstfest 2008

Houston Texans
vs. Denver Broncos

Mexico 2007

Texas Rollergirl
2008 Championship Photos

European Wedding 2004


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