Gratitude and the Road Ahead

Hello friends,

It’s hard to believe that we have been in the RV for almost a month. Just two days now outside of Pagosa Springs though. So in some ways I feel like the adventure is just beginning. However, there has been a lot going on and many people to thank.

To those that helped us with a really monumental task of downsizing drastically, getting out of a house of six years, and putting us up and putting up with Beth and I, you have may deepest of thanks and gratitude. The Korpis kept us feed and looked after us. Christina and Cindy helped us clean. Chris helped with moving and cleaning. Oliver and Michelle kept us entertained and made us feel as if we would be missed. We will miss them too. Bunches of others bought our stuff or just took it off our hands when it had no place to go. The Grays took us to dinner. Others sent us off with some drinks and a night out.  I want to especially thanks the Been family (Zach, Nichole, Zachary, Bodhi, Buddy and Sam) for letting us stay at Been Acre and or spending time together before we left. It was so nice. It exceeded my expectations. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not express my love and gratitude to the Deiss family. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this family too and work keeping me working for 7 wonderful years.

Our first leg of our journey took us to see the rest of our family in Amarillo. It was very hot. Though it was great to see everyone and I thank you all for hospitality and the many things you all do for Beth and I. After four days of 100 + degree weather we had to get to the mountains though.

We went on to Red River, NM. We more or less vacationed for two days here. It is very pretty there. The temperature was much cooler and the air fresh. We stayed at a pricey, for us, RV park ($48 an night, yikes!) ate out and had fun. This will not be the norm though. In comparison, we are spending $26 a night and cooked “at home” so far here in Pagosa Springs.

The road ahead is truly wide open. While it seems sure we will remain in the Pagosa Springs area through July we are open to opportunity and adventure. We are looking for to visits by several friends and visiting our friends here. Whatever it will bring we will keep you posted here.