Into the Unknown


It’s hard to move out of a house. If you spend long enough somewhere, you get the art just right, figure out where to put things…you make a home. When you leave you must go through the history of your life at this location & prioritize. Mostly, you just put off packing & spend your final moving hours tossing stuff in random boxes to be transported to a new location.

I’m not moving to a new location, instead an RV. Beau, my husband, & I have decide to sell most of our stuff from our 4 BR house & move into an RV. We don’t owned our house & skyrocketing Austin rental prices make it impossible for us to get ahead, even as we make more money each year. At this point, our only plan is to move into our RV, spend the summer in Pagosa Springs, Colorado  & come back to the Austin area in the fall.

I look forward to this new chapter in our lives. I look forward to less stuff. I look forward to the future. I plan to share with you what I learn & the amazing places we will go. I’ll take photos & make sure you know what happens.  I hope you will join us on our adventures.