Leaving Loganberry Soundtrack

May 31, 2017 we moved out of our 3.5BR/2BA house and into our RV. After living on Loganberry Dr for 6 years, you should have seen our moving sale. Friends, neighbors and strangers filled our house and yard buying 9 years of catering equipment, gaggles of headdresses/costumes and all the possessions we’d accumulated in our 20 year relationship.  After the sale, we just started giving stuff away. Inviting friends to come and take whatever was left and then taking the rest to Goodwill. Beau and I agreed we won’t ever accumulate this much stuff again.

We didn’t own our house so releasing ourselves from the high cost of living in Austin, Tx was a huge relief. June 1st rolled around and we celebrated not having to write a huge check for a house literally crumbling around us. I loved living in this house, listening to my neighbor Oliver practice his trumpet, walking Bluebonnet  through the beautiful, diverse neighborhood, chatting with folks in their yard or walking as well. This was the perfect neighborhood for us, but after years of catering, creating and busting our asses, we just couldn’t get ahead. So we loaded up the truck and we moved to Beverly.

No actually we loaded up the RV with our clothes, a few electronics, Bluebonnet and we moved to Been Acres. This is the name of the beautiful property of Beau’s brother Zach, his wife Nichole and our 2 nephews. We are lucky they have RV hookups and gave us a home base to begin this exciting and possibly insane adventure.

The night I left Loganberry it was starting to rain. Luckily, our queen size bed that sat in the front yard for 3 days had been taken by needy folks from Craigslist. All that remained in the house were the final remnants of the hardest move either I or Beau had ever experienced.  This was the physical part of getting all this stuff out of the house, but now we had to deal with the emotional part of leaving behind our deceased pets – our dog Lacy Been and our cat Hot Potato, but gaining our beautiful Bluebonnet. We had to deal with leaving a happy home where we’d spent countless wonderful times with family and friends. We had to close the door on a special time in our lives and start a new chapter.

As I drove away, I searched​ for the soundtrack for leaving Loganberry. First was Genesis, Adaba Rock. I don’t really know the song but I love Phil Collins.

Next was Led Zepplin All of my Love which got me crying thinking of all the great people in our lives who have supported us with love and ribs and cleaning our our house who think they might not see us again. I drove slow and took my time because it was dark, raining, I was crying.

Jimi Hendrix perked me up with Crosstown Traffic.

Fleetwood Mac was finishing Thunder only Happens when it’s Raining as I pulled up to Been Acres.

Hanging w/family at Been Acres

A perfect soundtrack for the drive.  I got out of the car and went inside our RV and snuggled on the bed with sweet Bluebonnet. Beau would soon arrive and we would begin this new adventure. Well after about 3 days of being sore and exhausted and 8 more days of organizing, spending time with the Beens, having dinner and drinks with friends, taking stuff to storage or Goodwill.

Tomorrow, we unhook from the mothership that now seems our home base in a fairly baseless scenario. We will head to San Angelo as a stopping point between Austin and Amarillo where we will visit my mother, family, etc. Then we will head to Pagosa Springs, CO only 861 miles away from our current location. I hope you will join us on our adventure. I don’t know what will happen, but I know it will be interesting. It will also be AWESOME, because I saw my first owl 2 days ago. The lovely barn owl said I should share my soundtrack with you. She or he also said turn off my freaking flashlight.

Please return your chairs and tray tables to the not upright position and put on your sunglasses.