We are having a moving sale with all kinds of items. Art, catering/personal chef, lots of tables, frames, shoes, grills, clothes, beds…..

7406 Loganberry Dr, Austin 78745, SATURDAY,  May 27, 8 am
SUNDAY if we don’t sell out.

Friends invited to come on Friday. Let us know.

Shotgun Willie Lays around


Original, well framed,  18 x 24 ”



Lots of affordable art, costumes, headpieces


Stainless Steel Worktable – 60 x 30″


Used in every commercial kitchen and food processing plant. Not brand new but saves you a ton of money. See example here

$490 $150 OBO

Singer Sewing Machine


Great sewing machine. Been sitting a while since Beau bought me a new machine. Might need a tune up or just some oil in all the right places. Lots of stitch settings. Comes with plastic bobbins and some extra thread.


Barrel Grill


It’s Texas!! Grill, grill, grill!!!




We’ve affectionately named this BBQ-D2. Soon your smoked meat dreams can come true.


Regular Stove (runs on Propane)


Fitted to cook with propane. Make your outdoor/on location dreams come true.




In background of photo. Can send photos to serious inquiries.


Chaffing dishes
glassware, tableware
kitchen appliances
catering supplies galore

Mucho Madonna


Original, unframed​, 24 x 18″
eeds to go to a good gay home.

$150 OBO

Full length mirror


Great mirror, light




Cool dressform. Great for photographing clothes. Covered in newsprint but could use some work.



LOTS of art, craft & sewing supplies

Seven Spanish Angels


Original, framed, 24 x 36 ”


45 Record Adapter Purse


Wish you could rock around the clock 24/7? Handmade black purse with yellow felt 45 record adaptor. Yellow ric rac with magenta corduroy lining. 1 inside pocket. 11×10 in

$25 $10



It’s as cute as it looks. Lightweight.


Countrystarr Creations


All items listed on Beth’s Etsy store will be on sale. Please inquire about any items listed.

Visit Countrystarr Etsy

Hell Mary Roller derby stuff


I was the Scarlot Harlot of the Hell Marys for many years.

XL Custom shirt in the photo $10
Red and Black Pom Poms $8
Silver Pom Poms
(same as red & black) $8
Misc l/XL t-shirts $5