Pagosa Springs – Friends in High Places

The splendor of Pagosa Springs, CO is hard to describe. The sun plays tricks on the mountains making them seem new each day. Photos don’t scratch the surface of the beauty you see viewing a waterfall or a field of horses. Lucky for us, July 2017 brought many friends our way to share the sights.

We are so excited our friends from Austin, Tx, John & Franny,  moved to Pagosa full time. When we come back next year, they will have a new son!!!

Chris & Audra, came from Austin, Tx. They were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary & we were at their wedding in Isla Mujeres, so good times were had by all.

Randy came from Austin, TX with his pooches, Phoebe & Sanko aka Mr. Stinky.

Egan, Christina & Truly came from Austin, Tx.  Lia + 4 kids from Bandera, Tx. Ben & Carmen + 3 kids from Denver, Co.

It was a WONDERFUL summer in Pagosa Springs because friends make everything better!!!!