Santa Fe, MN art and Meow Wolf

Sad to leave our beloved Pagosa Springs, we headed to Santa Fe, NM so we could view the well received exhibit – Meow Wolf. Lucky for us, there was a related event in the downtown plaza Friday, August 25 – Monster Battle 2017: A Mash at the Santa Fe Bandstand – a rave where everyone dressed as monsters & an amazing car show. The plaza was really hopping with lots of dancing kids & many smiling car enthusiasts.

Walking past the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, we were also able to view the PRADO, presenting 92 full-scale mounted reproductions of some of the greatest masterpieces from the Museum del Prado in Madrid—making its U.S. debut in Santa Fe.

Saturday, August 26, we made it to Meow Wolf. While buying our tickets (adults $20, kids $14, seniors/military $18), we learned they hope to send a permanent installation to Austin, Tx, so I don’t want to reveal too much. This is an interactive exhibit sort of like a haunted house (you probably won’t be scared) created by over 100 Santa Fe artists. Located in an old bowling alley, there is an opportunity to solve a mystery, you can touch all the art & your kids will love it.  You should wear comfortable clothes/shoes, plan to spend at least 2 hours & skip it if you hate crowds.

I hope you can see it soon!!! I didn’t really look into the details in advance & I don’t regret that one bit. Super cool, amazing, mind blowing art adventure awaits you. I give it 1 million stars!!!

Cheers to Santa Fe, Meow Wolf and YOU!!!

Thank you for following our adventures! LOVE, Beth