The Hummingbird Report 2019

The HUMMINGBIRDS ARE BACK!! I knew the day they arrived because I could hear them whizzing about. Before I start trying to take photos, I wanted to share my photos from my 2019 Hummingbird adventure.  

Thanks to my friend, Cheryl, I started the 2019 hummingbird photo season with a new zoom lens. I cried when she gave it to me. Does that make me a photo dork? Ha!

You can read about my past humming birds efforts from 2018. Compare these 2 posts and let me know if you think I have improved. 

I present my best 2019 Hummingbird photos from thousands. I can’t wait to get the feeders out and enjoy this season’s hummingbirds!!! Sound the sugar water alarm!!!

Thank you for reading. Have your own summer fun looking at nature. 

Lots of love and hummingbirds,