The Hummingbird Report 2018

This will be our 4th summer in Pagosa Springs. 3rd at the Last Resort. 2nd for the summer. 

Since 2016, we’ve had the great delight of hummingbird watching. They are lovely little creatures who whiz and whir all around. I get so excited when I hear them buzzing by whether I can see them or not. Delicate little ass hauling bleeps of joy for me. I have dreams of them eating from my hand or following me around on our walks. 

One of my 2018 summer goals? Take one decent photo of a hummingbird in flight. I’m sure some of my photographer friends chuckle at my plight since they have giant zoom lenses and fast little fingers. I have a camera and time to sit and wait for the little sweeties to show up. Sometimes, I cover my head in flowers hoping to draw them near. Sometimes they fall for it, sometimes they don’t. 

While I have made progress since summer 2017, I’m still not there. If it doesn’t rain today, I will post up with camera and flowers in hand or hair. I will try different camera settings and vantage points. I will continue my quest to take a wonderful hummingbird photo. However, if it doesn’t happen this summer, I will probably have to come back again. Hee hee! 

This is probably my best hummingbird photo so far

This is probably my best photo so far. 

The hummingbirds spend a lot of time in the trees by our RV hopping from branch to branch and then going to the feeder. We have 3!!! The brown ones fight the green ones and then fight one another. With wings beating 12-80 times/second and flying as fast as 34 mph, I’ve got my work cut out for me. 

Me thinking about photos of hummingbirds.

Bees are easier. 

These little fighter pilots are in my brain. Some might say I am obsessed, but if I can take one good photo of a hummingbird in flight, imagine all the slower things I can capture. Goals, ya know?

Brown Hummingbird

Green Hummingbird

Wish me luck. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. You can also laugh along with the over RVers who catch a glimpse of me with large flowers in my hair staring into the trees. Hey, life is an adventure and I am glad to be with these little beauties for the summer. A fantastic photo would only be the icing on a very sweet cake. 

Thank you for reading. Get out there and have your own summer fun. 

Lots of love and hummingbirds,


This is one of the only photos where I imagine I can actually
catch a whole wing, but the feeder is all blurry!!!

Hummingbird in warp drive.
At least there is a hummingbird in the photo!!!